‘Out of sight’ doesn’t have be ‘out of mind’ - It's always better to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one.


In the midst of the crisis it seems that people have been turning to social media for a sense of community. Shoppertainment have been working hard and smart to retain centres existing customer base and being even more visible in front of our followers/fans to keep engagement levels high. ‘Out of sight’ doesn’t have be ‘out of mind’ – It’s always better to retain an existing customers than acquire a new one.

Strategic marketing for shopping centres focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain the centres audience. We are focusing on blog articles, videos, infographics, interactive content, quizzes etc. The focus is on creating high quality content that is going to get viewed and shared. By posting interesting content to keep customers engaged we are keeping the Shopping Centre at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Some examples of our current content include: posting links to free school resources, link to Joe Wicks PE lesson each morning. Inspirational messages of support – important for mental health. Fun facts and games. Links to live footage of zoos across the world and pub quizzes at night for fun. This is all alongside the important centre updates.

Think Long, Not Short Term- The wheels of the Shopping Centre industry need to keep turning. Those wheels are best greased by effective marketing. The focus is on the longer-term mission to retain shoppers as at some point consumers will return to centres, the cafes and the various other activities that they have been denied during the period of lockdown. Centres need to keep the brand light burning, because the cost of doing nothing then trying to reignite it is gigantic.

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