As well as creating an exciting in-store presence, it is vital that shopping centres have an online presence to match, that accurately represents their brand and physical shopping experience. This is where social media management for shopping centres comes in.

Our social media management service ensures your shopping centre has a prominent online presence capable of attracting and engaging both new and existing customers. Our team are experts at catering posts, campaigns and hashtags to fit with your brand identity and messages as well as integrating all social media activity with all other digital and print marketing. With a well thought out strategy combined with professional execution, you can be sure that your social media presence will be attracting likes, follows and retweets on all the popular platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as driving footfall to your shopping centre.

Below are just some of the ways our shopping centre social media management service can help your centre.

  • Promoting an event
  • Increasing user engagement
  • Increasing social media following
  • Communicating with your shoppers
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Promoting a competition

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No other channel is quite as successful at generating brand awareness as social media. By having an active presence online, and the correct social media strategy, shopping centres can get their centre, brand and retailers in front of millions of users. Therefore, your brand is guaranteed to see a boost in exposure and more users are likely to get talking about your centre and its offering.

It may perhaps comes as a surprise that boosting your online presence can actually increase your centre’s footfall. But, by having your centre ‘out there’ on social media, you’re likely to reach customers who otherwise may not know about your retailers, services and your offering, thereby helping you to reach a whole new target audience.

Plus, having active social media platforms that are full of engaging content is going to keep your shopping centre at the forefront of customers’ minds and entice them to come down and visit to see what you have on offer.

It can be difficult to generate database numbers in a busy shopping centre, with some shoppers too busy to stop and fill in forms. However, social media is an easy, GDPR compliant way to capture customer details so you can market to them via email with all the exciting goings on in your centre.

Most social media platforms now feature the use of auto filled lead gen forms which use a customer’s profile to fill in contact form fields. These make it easy for consumers to sign up for the information they want, and help you to boost your database numbers. Social media competitions are an especially effectively way of getting users to sign up.

Good communication is the basis for a positive retailer-customer relationship and social media is one of the most useful platforms for retailers and customers to communicate with each other.

Whether customers have a complaint, positive feedback or merely want to ask about your opening hours or facilities, being ‘online’ across your social channels is a great way for customers to reach out to you, and for you to respond. You can even turn on automated responses to ensure you never miss an important customer message!

Whether you’re hosting a shopping centre event, a seasonal promotion or are running a competition, social media is a great way to boost exposure and promote your respective event.

With the ability to reach a large number of users, both organically and through paid advertisements, social media helps to drive awareness and traffic for both online and in-store events or campaigns.

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