Managing a team

Commercialisation Associate Director Rachel Prince

New ways of keeping in touch with our friends and family is something we have all had to adapt to in recent times. For some of us, we have had to get used to keeping in touch with our work colleagues in new ways too…Zoom has become a thing I love to hate. It’s great to see my team and chat like usual. We have regular updates and briefings but I also like to check they are ok and make sure they know I am here as ‘normal’ (whatever that means these days). Zoom has put a stop to the promise of what people imagine working from home to be like. Working in your pyjamas without a splash of make-up and your hair being held together by your daughters scrunchie is now not possible as regular team Zoom meetings are inevitable…cue a frantic search of a hairbrush, spray myself with perfume just before a call and change the glass of wine to a cup of tea as I realise it’s only 4pm on a Tuesday!

Honestly, who would have thought we would miss the office so much?

Overnight we have lost so much human interaction and for me the ability to manage, lead and communicate with the team in the usual way has gone so I’m finding new platforms to keep in touch such as WhatsApp, email, Microsoft Team, Zoom, conference calls. You name it we are using it!

Yes, our clients are key, and we are making sure we are there for them by keeping in regular contact, but it’s equally important that my team know I am here for them too. I try to put myself in their shoes and see things from their perspective as the boundaries between personal and work life merge into one.

Rachels finishes with a reminder that: ‘Everyone will be experiencing this challenging time in different ways depending on their situation but whatever these next few weeks/months hold for us all, as a manager I am adapting and learning a new way every day and I know as a team we will get through these uncharted waters together.’

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