‘Sorry, I’m on a train so if my signal cuts off…’

As a working mum of 3, in a high paced client facing role, I’m lucky that I’ve got a lot of experience in both juggling and being out of my comfort zone. That said, I don’t think anyone was ever expecting the craziness of the last few weeks. It was all systems go and then all systems WOAH!

I love being out and about visiting clients and having been with Shoppertainment for such a long time, I consider many of them friends and look forward to both our work and non-work-related discussions.

As many of our clients know, “my office,” for a long time has been the train. This is where I’ve spent many hours communicating via email and text due to the worst phone signal imaginable… so, whilst it’s frustrating not being able to communicate as much face to face I am loving to be able to start my phone conversations with something other than ‘sorry, I’m on a train so if my signal cuts off…’ That being said, I am missing my glass of wine and no communication during the last 30 minutes of my train journey home around 7pm!

Communication is so important when it is business as usual and even more so when it’s not… What I have found out this week is that there are so many ways to communicate other than face to face, over the phone or on email. Apps like Zoom are great!

I’ve found novel ways to communicate with clients and colleagues and with friends and family also. Since I’m working from home at the moment and my daily commute from the dining room to the lounge is around 15 seconds I have been having more face to face time with my family and since I’m on lockdown I’ve been spending more Facetime / phone time / texting and WhatsApp with clients and colleagues.

With many centre managers having to work from home also and juggle childcare / manage their centres remotely, there is a need for regular communication with their immediate and extended teams. I’ve had a few calls scheduled for 7.30pm when ‘other halves’ have been put on bath time duty and I think it’s because of these great relationships, both personal and professional, that we have been able to use conventional and unconventional ways to work efficiently and keep communication channels open so we get the job done!

It’s a bit like being in a parallel universal, and whilst I can’t wait for normality to resume I very much believe that as long as we are all communicating then this, along with regular handwashing and wine is key to getting through this time!

Carina Turner, Business Relations Manager

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