Promotional space exists in pretty much every shopping centre across the UK. It is proving increasingly popular with businesses from independent traders to national brands.

Why Use Promotional Space?

Why? Because promotional space is the perfect environment for face-to-face interaction and gives access to potentially thousands of customers while remaining cost effective by using the resources a shopping centre already has.
This creates a win-win situation for both retailer and centre, with brands or retailers getting the maximum possible exposure with shopping centres having to commit minimal resources.So let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits for brands and retailers booking promotional space in a shopping centre:

Two-Way Communication & The Human Effect

One of the hardest things for brands or retailers to do is encourage their customer base to actively engage with them, the key word being actively. Talking at someone is easy but actually engaging with them is harder, especially if that conversation isn’t happening in real time. Thankfully one of the key advantages of promotional space is that it places the retailer directly in front of their audience and in doing so it makes a human the point of contact for anyone interacting with that brand or retailer.

Not only does this humanise the retailer and make them seem more relatable and accessible to the consumer but people tend to respond better to another person. Customers create a stronger bond between themselves and your brand and a stronger bond translates into increased loyalty and trust.

For example when HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones wanted to promote their latest season they used a promotional space activation to not only reach their target audience but actively engage with them and encourage communication around the brand.

Physical Presence

Another great benefit of using promotional space is that it allows brands to bring their products or services directly to the customer instead of having to try and entice them to come to you. This increases the retailer or brand’s exposure while also allowing their consumers to physically interact with their offer; increasing their connection and loyalty to the brand and therefore the chances they will make a purchase.

Giving your brand a physical presence in a shopping centre also has the effect of refreshing you in the mind of consumers. Everyone has experienced the phenomenon where after seeing a product or brand you suddenly start noticing it everywhere you go.

Really clever organisations know how to strategically plan this refresh phenomenon to increase sales, take Nintendo for example who used promotional space to show off their new Switch console a few weeks before Christmas 2018, ensuring that when consumers came to do their Christmas Shopping the Nintendo brand and their product was at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.


Lastly using promotional space allows brands to take a more targeted approach. By letting them choose a specific location to operate in brands can target different demographics more easily and reach their chosen audience where they already are rather than trying to entice them in through marketing and advertising. Most shopping centres keep detailed demographic information. This makes it even easier for brands to marry themselves to the perfect location for their campaign or services.

The My Little Pony Tour Bus is a great example of how this would work in practice. Because of the brand identity and the campaign’s aims, the tour only visited centres with a high proportion of family shoppers.

To learn more about how booking promotional space in a shopping centre could be beneficial to you or to learn more about any of our commercialisation services contact the team today.

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