Set across two days, our Belle Vale Shopping Centre Event consisted of a ‘Space Camp’. This transported children to a galaxy full of adventure and wonderful activities. Tickets for the event sold out a week in advance with over 300 local children attending the shopping centre event across the weekend.

Belle vale space camp


This particular event was specifically targeted at families, with the aim of providing an exciting event for children.

The shopping centre event featured an immersive street theatre experience combining arts, crafts, role play and song and dance. All of this was used to teach the children the seven steps that are required in order to survive in outer space.

Children were then tasked with creating their very own, personalised spaceship out of cardboard and high quality craft materials provided in a compact tool kit. Once their spaceships had been built the little astronauts had to climb inside them and put what they had learnt to the test, performing the seven survival steps in order to pass the mission and receive a special, memorable certificate as a token of achievement.

Belle vale space camp


Shopping centre events are a great way to provide a varied, exciting offering to shoppers thereby boosting footfall, dwell time and revenue.

Across the two day event Belle Vale saw a huge increase in footfall and shopper engagement, especially amongst families. Retailers also noted an increase in sales and revenue. The pictures from the event also received engagement across the shopping centre’s social media and have improved shoppers’ opinion of the centre. This event also encouraged repeat visits from shoppers, both new and old.

You can view the full success of the event in the video below.

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