F&B = Top Priority


F&B = Top Priority

A recent article published by Knight Frank discussed how ‘enjoying ourselves is no longer a luxury, it’s a priority’ and that spending money on F&B, accounts for high proportions of consumer wallets.


With an estimated £238 billion spent in leisure in 2016 (Source: Knight Frank) it is clear that this sector is a great channel that will attract footfall and dwell time to shopping centres. Dining out, going for a drink or spending weekends doing activities such as bowling, going to the cinema, visiting a museum or attending live events is what most of us take our free time up with.

Shopping centres used to rely heavily on the retail offer to draw in footfall however now we are seeing food halls and leisure space be the magnet that keeps shoppers in the centre for longer. For some people, visiting a shopping centre purely to eat/ socialise and not shop isn’t unheard of.


Whilst cinemas have long been a great attraction and an asset for a shopping centre to have, activities such as trampolining, crazy golf and even champagne bars are now the next level of activities shoppers are taking part in.

As with everything, a centre must match its offer with its demographics, so it can fully make use of its visitors. Hosting events in food courts and getting F&B retailers involved with offers or sampling is an easy way for centres to increase dwell time, spend and most of all awareness of what is on offer.
Shopping centres have the ability and the existing loyal customer base to become destinations that visitors can associate with F&B and a night-time economy- even after the shops are closed, centres can retain visitors and atmosphere.
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